Effective Medical Global Sourcing

For over 30 years, I have developed a large network of global suppliers and local partners that enable sourcing of superior medical contract manufacturers at the best cost while maintaining the high quality standards of medical products and devices. Through my previous experience in Fortune 500 medical device manufacturing, OTC pharmaceuticals, and medical distribution, I am able to execute to the profit and business needs of my clients.

I carefully balance contract negotiations for best acquisitions costs with quality, sustainability, and availability.  My ability in sourcing, product development, branding, and regulatory vigilance provides a total solution in obtaining the best cost while reducing risk.


In addition to medical products and devices, I have clients in dental, veterinary, IoT electronics and tactical apparel vertical markets.

Making Global Sourcing "RIGHT Sourcing"

In order to truly succeed and compete in acquiring profitable medical products, you must have direct local presence with your suppliers.  Therefore, I maintain working locations in Southeast Asia and the United States. 


From my location in Southeast Asia, I am centrally located to suppliers in more than 40 countries in the APAC region.


More importantly, my location in SE Asia and sourcing strategy is not China-centric, but rather truly global allowing for true supplier flexibility while reducing risk for my clients.


Many clients use local assets to source and control quality at great risk.  Locals adopt the cultural acceptance standards of the country they operate in.  I continue to maintain a local presence which allows me to control the quality, sustainability, and supply chain to corporate American standards.

Full Service Medical Product Sourcing

From Medical Sourcing, Sustainability and FDA/CE Regulatory compliance to creating and managing Rep offices and local teams, I provide a broad range of hands-on services in the Asia Pacific Region.

I have completed numerous client projects throughout the Asia Pacific region and North America including manufacturing, category management, product development, commodities tracking, logistics, QA/QC, Sustainability, FDA regulatory compliance, market research, branding, and supply chain optimization.

I am well-versed the complex process of local laws and certification including health ministries, trade and finance, trade zones, labor, and social responsibility.


  1. I leverage my large trusted supplier base and my global sourcing expertise to help you rapidly gain profit margin while maintaining high quality.
  2. I have deep expertise in the business of both the supplier and buyer.  I make connections happen to provide rapid global expansion of your market share.
  3. My network of local advisors located globally provide scalability while you grow.
  4. My "feet on the street" in Asia reduces risk while ensuring sustainability and regulatory compliance.
  5. My local SE Asia location means reduced local living and travel expenses for your company.  It also reduces travel risk during heightened health and security concerns.
  6. I am not China-centric but truly APAC regional and global.


I am a Medical Products and OTC professional with more than 30 years experience in global sourcing and compliance.  I develop and execute sourcing and procurement strategies that optimize resources, increases profitability, and enhances global reach. I work with medical groups, GPO's, and distributors to provide them business development strategies that advance their global sourcing capabilities and develop new markets through competitive analysis and product development. I negotiate with suppliers, supply chain networks and manufacturers for optimal terms based on my expertise and first-hand knowledge of the players in the APAC region. 


I have a large strategic network of suppliers and experts in Asia and North America providing scalable solutions for SME's to large multinational clients.


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